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Impact of Integrated Marketing Communication on Consumer

Picture1Communication one of the most representatives of human activities and the basis for social interaction, is defined as exchange of ideas, information and feelings
Communication effectiveness is determind both by understanding the message and getting the desired reaction from the part of receiver , in response to the message (popescu, 2002)
Marketing communication have become fundamental aspect of marketing, a business vision and a essential factor in succesful marketing communication.
IMC is considered one of the most controversial  areas of research, expert opinion being found in diverse range, whose amplitude includes very different approaches

IMC field of study in the late ’80 and early ‘90 marking a gradual transition from limited vision that is just the coordination of promotional tools

•Research of impact OMC om consumer behaviour involves the analyss of the default influences exercised by each component of IMC stages of buying decision process.
•The Consumer Purchase behaviour may be viewed from 3 Perspective :
•The Decision Making
•The Experiential and
•The Behavioural influence
•Block A – Integrated Marketing Communication [ Refer to the was in which communication is found in all four component of marketing mix.

Block B – Consumer Behaviour – Composed five dimension through  which specialist define this process on the conceptual

Block C – Consumer Decision Making Process – Consist of stages through which the consumers when decidig to purchase goods and services generally accepted by expert in the field of marketing
•The research of integrated marketing communication influence on consumer decision-making process is a complex activity involving in-depth analysis of the relationship and instruments through which this influence is exercised. To study the interaction between IMC components and processes that form the consumer behaviour is  necessary to validate the model createdfor this purpose, which can be achieved using the findings of a qualitative research (i.e. focus-group) combined with quantitative research (i.e. survey)
SourceImpact of Integrated Marketing Communication on Consumer Behaviour: Effects on Consumer Decision – Making Process, International Journal of Marketing Studies Vol. 4, No. 2; April 2012

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